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Personal Details

Please note, you will receive your statements online where you can view, download, save and print PDF versions

Change your joint account

Changing your account is simple. All you need is your account number and sort code. Please enter these details and your date of birth accurately. (Not sure where to find your account details?)

Please use this application form to change to a Select, Reward, Reward Silver, Reward Platinum or Reward Black account. Please note if you have a packaged account (Select Silver, Select Platinum or Black) and would like to change your account so you also have Reward, select the equivalent Reward variant of your packaged account.

For example, if you have Select Silver, you will need to select Reward Silver to keep your packaged benefits and also add Reward to your account. (NB. In this scenario, if you choose to change your account to the Reward account you will lose your packaged account benefits).

Please be aware if you are converting your account from a packaged account to a Select or Reward Account you will no longer be covered by or have access to the Packaged account benefits and insurances. Please ensure you have alternative insurance arrangements in place if you still need cover.

Information about fees
If you currently pay a monthly fee, you will be charged a final pro-rata fee based on when your last fee was paid until the date your account was changed. If you are changing to an account that has a fee, the new fee will apply and be calculated from the date your account becomes active.

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