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NWB Holiday and Airline Online Support claim
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About You

This application form collects information to include within your NWB Holiday and Airline Online Support claim. Use the appropriate buttons at the end of the application form to proceed or to end your application.Please be aware that some explanatory text is included within the form.

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- This form is ONLY for Credit Card transactions.

If your payment was made on a debit card please click here to be redirected to our new claim form.

Have you contacted the retailer first?

As the retailer may have made a mistake, you'll need to attempt to get in touch with them directly before continuing. It'll give them the opportunity to resolve the dispute for you. We can't help you unless you've done this. Just so you know the retailer can be a person, company or business.

But if you have already reached out to the retailer without resolution and can't resolve the issue yourself, we may be able to help raise a claim. (We may need copies of correspondence between you and the retailer).

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About you
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Receipts and invoices.

Please ensure you keep any receipts or invoices as we may need them later on to support your claim.
If you need any further assistance please use our online chat service via our website.